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Crane, Field solution app

Crane, a unified mobile platform for operation and field professionals.

Forms, documents, approvals, checklists, inspections, piles of paperworks, processes and reports are replaced by Crane.

Not limited to internal use only, you can collaborate with external parties

Thanks to Crane, you can finish your task, get internal approvals, manage the processes among your teams, communicate with the companies you work with, and follow up the progress.

Crane, Field solution app
Crane, Field solution app

You can digitize all your operational processes with Crane.

World’s Longest Suspension Bridge runs crane

How Crane Works?

Amazing way to do your job

Crane prevents time, energy, money loss and makes work fun. You can leave all the paperwork to Crane, enjoy your job and bring your best out.

There is no space for hassle with Crane. Your teams will be coordinated, all stakeholders will be aligned and communicated through one unified platform.

You don’t need to be divided into thousand pieces in order to be everywhere, Crane will take care of your tasks for you. It will give you a break.

Crane, Field solution app

No Room for Wrong Decisions

Crane will think, watch out for you and alert you if you are facing troubles in operations. It is awake 24/7 and alerted.

Crane collects data, changes it into information and show it to you as insight.

So with Crane you can’t make any wrong decisions.

Work Smarter

Imagine a work day, all your tasks and follow-ups are at the tip of your fingers. With the help of Crane mobile app, you can be anywhere, check anything, control any operation and do your daily routine. You can initiate a process, run a checklist or record an issue in the blink of an eye. No hassle, no struggle, just fulfillment.

Crane, Field solution app

Live to your full potential

Get started today and improve your field operations