What is Crane?

What is Crane?

Crane is a tool developed to help you boost performance on your project. It does so by helping you to collected, reported, and visualized project data in real time.

Introduction to Forms

Forms are the building blocks of crane. Through its simple and flexible design, you can map all of your project processes to different form templates.

Forms can have advanced permissioning and user restrictions, and can be sent as tasks or correspondences to various parties or groups, thus supporting a multi organization setup on your projects.

Once you understand how forms are used on Crane, you are ready to get started with your setup!

What are Crane’s Modules?

Crane can be accessed through the Crane mobile app as well as the Crane Web interface. The basic features available on mobile and web are listed below.

  • Mobile Interface
    • Initiate forms
    • Basic data filters and reporting
    • Send correspondences (Tasks and Responses)
  • Web Interface
    • Project admin setup
    • Intiate forms
    • Advanced data filters and reporting
    • Real time dashboards
    • Send correspondences (Tasks and Responses)