How to view you tasks?

How to view you tasks?

Overview of Your Tasks

First, make sure that you are on the ‘Tasks’ page main ribbon.

When on the ‘Tasks’ page, make sure ‘My Tasks’ is selected on the top ribbon. On this page, you will get an overview of all tasks assigned to you.

If you open the menu bar on the left, you can filter for tasks that are In Progress, Overdue or Completed. You can also use the search bar in order to do a keyword search to find a specific task.

When you click on a specific task, you will be directed to the form page and the corresponding form will open. When you complete the items on the form pending your completion, you can send the form. When sending a form that has been sent to you as a task, the users who have assigned the task will appear on the TO list. Once you send the form, the task status will change to ‘Completed’.

For further question, visit the FAQ for Tasks page for tasks.