How to send your form?

How to send your form?

This page is to help you understand the two different ways of sending a form.

Make sure you have followed the steps in How to start a new form or that you have edited an existing form as described in ‣ so that you have fully completed a form and are now ready to send.

Once the form and all attachments are ready, you will see the ‘Send’ option on the bottom right corner of your screen. When you are ready, click on ‘Send’ to navigate to the next page.

You can send a form either as a ‘Task’ or a ‘Response’.

  • Send as Task’ if the form requires a response from the recipients. The people in the TO field will see this form in their Task page.
  • Send as Response‘ if the form does not require a response from the recipients and is sent for information only. This will not appear as a task for the recipients of this form.

After selecting the type of response (Task/Response) you can select the recipients in the TO and CC fields, select a response due date and type an optional message in the message box if required. When you are done, click on ‘Send’ to finish the process.

For more questions on how to send a form, view the FAQ on Sending Forms page below.