How to manage attachments on forms? – Detailed look

How to manage attachments on forms? – Detailed look

The final step of filling in a form will take you to the Attachments page. This page will provide details of managing your attachments. You can read the How to fill in form attributes – Detailed look page for a quicker guide on adding attachments to forms.

The final step of completing your form will take you to the attachments page. At this stage, if you do not need to add any attachments, you can simply click on ‘Send’ and proceed to the next step of the form. If you do need to add an attachment, you can click on the orange plus sign on the bottom right corner of the Attachments page.

You will be presented with three options to add attachments:

  1. Take a new picture using your Camera
  2. Attach an existing picture or video from your Photo & Camera Library
  3. Attach a document from your documents.

Take a new picture

If you would like to take a new picture, click on the ‘Camera’ option. A pop up will appear that will ask you to grant Crane access to your Camera. Once you approve, you will be taken to to the camera of your mobile device. Here, you may take the picture or video you would like to add.

After you take a picture, you will be given the option to either ‘Retake’ the picture or to ‘Use Photo’. If you do not need to retake, you can choose ‘Use Photo’, which will attach your picture and will take you back to the attachments page. An auto-number will be given to the picture.

Attach a picture from your Camera Roll

If you wish to attach a picture already on your mobile device, click on the ‘Photo or Camera Booth’ option. A pop up will appear that will ask you to grant Crane access to your Photos. Once you grant access, you will be able to choose pictures from your camera roll.

Once you have selected all necessary pictures, click on the ‘Upload’ option on the upper right corner of the screen.

Once you have uploaded your pictures, they will be visible with an automatically assigned name on the attachments page.

Attach a Document

You also have the option to attach documents to your form. This will enable you to attach documents from various storage applications such as Google Drive, iCloudDrive, Egnyte or any other storage tool you may be using.

Once you choose the ‘Documents’ option for your attachment, you will be asked to select the desired document storage application. We will then ask you to grant access to the document storage, which will then enable you to select and upload your desired documents.

Feel free to add attachments from a combination of sources. For each attachment, we will store the information of the user who has attached it, the time it was attached, and the attachment file format and file size.

For information on the next steps, including how to send a form that is now ready, continue on the last section of the ‣ page!