FAQ on Sending Forms

FAQ on Sending Forms

This page provides some answers to frequently asked questions related to sending forms. For an overview of how to fill in and send forms, view the How to start a new form page.

Do I have to send my form? Can I not just fill it in for the record?

Yes, you can fill in and complete a form and not send it. If you do not want to send your form, simply click on ‘Save’ and your form will be saved and accessible on the ‘Forms’ page but no one will have received a notification for this form.

What if I have not sent a form, but there are sections of the form that must be filled in by other organization. Will they still see the form?

Permissions and visibility on forms are managed based on user groups. So, even if you have not sent a form, all user groups who have access to that form template will be able to see or edit your form once it is saved. So, users from other organizations will also be able to see or edit the form based on their user permissions.

The only difference is that forms that are not sent will only appear in the ‘Forms’ page. Whereas forms that are Sent will also appear in the FormBox and the Tasks pages.

Where can I track the forms that I have sent?

Sent forms can be tracked on the FormBox page. On the Formbox page, filtering for forms that have been sent by you will enable you to track the status of all forms sent by you. For more information on how to track your forms, review the Tracking my Forms page.